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Though every project has its own creative rewards, leather craftsman, Ken Amen, especially enjoys building custom chaps and chinks. We hope you enjoy the samples below and consider Amen Custom Leather when you are ready for your own pair!

There are many options available for your custom chaps, from material and colors to buckles and conchos. Please review the information below. We are happy to help you in designing a pair that are totally your own!

FIT: You can get started on your new chaps or chinks by reviewing the fitting guide diagram at right. We will need all of the below measurements to create the best possible fit. To save time, please have your measurements available when calling or emailing to order your chaps or chinks from Amen Custom Leather.

1. Around waist at position of chap top
2. Upper thigh at crotch
3. Mid thigh between crotch and knee
4. Knee around knee cap
5. Calf - thickest part
6. Outseam - top of chaps to floor at the heel
7. Waist to knee - chap top to center of knee cap
8. Inseam - crotch to floor

LEATHER: We carry many leather options from our reliable supplier. You can view the swatch library of available leathers by clicking here. Please remember that your computer monitor will not be able to display the exact shade of the real material.

SILVER: We have many different types of silver available for the buckles and/or conchos on your chaps. You can visit to see conchos.

OTHER OPTIONS: There are several options involving the belt, scallops, or cuffs, including stamping, carving and adding 'spots'. Please contact us for more info.









*Prices are subject to change without notice. Contact Ken for a custom quote and timeframe
Chaps Base: $375.00    
  Border Tooled Yokes -  $30.00 Pockets -            $15.00/each
  Full Stamped Yokes -     $65.00 Lace in Zippers - $35.00
  1/2 Floral 1/2 Stamped - $75.00 Silver & Spots -    Cost
  Full Floral -                  $100.00  


Chinks Base: $275.00


Samples of products Ken has made:



Thank you for visiting Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Call 970.522.3303, email or Check out our Facebook page

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